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Are you looking for a extraordinary venue near Washington County, Pennsylvania, for your special occasion?

Union Barn, nestled near Washington County, offers an enchanting venue for weddings and various celebrations. Let’s delve into what makes Union Barn the ideal choice for your next event or wedding.

Why Choose Union Barn
if you're a Washington County resident ?

Charming Local History

Union Barn, dating back to 1849, is a beautifully restored pre-Civil War barn. Its rich history adds a touch of charm to every event. Meticulously preserving its original character, Union Barn seamlessly blends historic allure with modern amenities.

Exceptional Supportive Staff

What sets Union Barn apart is its exceptional staff. More than event planners, they are dedicated partners in ensuring your event’s success. From coordinating vendors to perfecting the venue setup, their support is invaluable. Union Barn’s team genuinely cares about making your event memorable.

Versatile Spaces for Every Occasion

The venue offers a 5,000 square foot main hall, a 1,000 square foot cocktail room, and inviting outdoor spaces. This versatility makes Union Barn perfect for a range of events, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations. Indoors or outdoors, Union Barn adapts to your vision seamlessly.

Convenience for You and Your Guests

Convenience is a highlight of Union Barn. For guests traveling from out of town, the venue provides recommendations for nearby accommodations, ensuring a comfortable stay. Located just off Rt 780, Union Barn is easily accessible, simplifying the journey for your guests.

Explore the Surrounding Attractions

While Union Barn is a captivating venue, its surroundings add to the overall experience. Guests can explore nearby parks and cultural sites, creating a day filled with delightful discoveries.

Journey Through Washington County’s Towns and the Union Barn Experience

Let’s take a brief tour of the charming towns in Washington County and their unique proximity to Union Barn:

Canonsburg – Small-Town Warmth
 Distance from Union Barn: Approximately 7 miles

Canonsburg, just 7 miles away, offers small-town warmth. Union Barn’s charm complements the intimate feel of this delightful town.

Washington – Historic Elegance
Distance from Union Barn: Approximately 15 miles

Washington, approximately 15 miles away, exudes historic elegance. The sophistication of Union Barn seamlessly blends with Washington’s rich history.

McMurray – Suburban Tranquility
Distance from Union Barn: Approximately 10 miles

McMurray, around 10 miles away, provides suburban tranquility. Union Barn’s outdoor spaces offer a serene backdrop for your event.

Charleroi – Riverside Charm
Distance from Union Barn: Approximately 20 miles

Charleroi, approximately 20 miles away, boasts riverside charm. The riverside allure of Union Barn perfectly matches the ambiance of Charleroi.

Monongahela – Riverfront Romance
Distance from Union Barn: Approximately 18 miles

Monongahela, around 18 miles away, offers riverfront romance. Union Barn’s proximity to the Monongahela River creates a whimsical atmosphere for your event.

California – Academic Grace
Distance from Union Barn: Approximately 25 miles

California, approximately 25 miles away, has academic grace. Union Barn, surrounded by lush greenery, reflects the academic charm of California.

Donora – Industrial Chic
Distance from Union Barn: Approximately 22 miles

Donora, approximately 22 miles away, boasts industrial chic. Union Barn’s blend of history and modernity resonates with the industrial charm of Donora.

Bentleyville – Countryside Serenity
Distance from Union Barn: Approximately 12 miles

Bentleyville, just 12 miles away, offers countryside serenity. Union Barn’s location amidst the countryside echoes the peaceful ambiance of Bentleyville.

Finleyville – Rustic Retreat
Distance from Union Barn: Approximately 8 miles

Finleyville, approximately 8 miles away, provides a rustic retreat. Union Barn’s rustic charm perfectly matches the quaint allure of Finleyville.

Houston – Community Spirit
Distance from Union Barn: Approximately 5 miles

Houston, just 5 miles away, exudes community spirit. Union Barn, with its sense of community, adds a local touch to your wedding festivities.

Eighty Four – Scenic Beauty
Distance from Union Barn: Approximately 15 miles

Eighty Four, around 15 miles away, boasts scenic beauty. Union Barn’s picturesque surroundings enhance the natural beauty of Eighty Four.

Claysville – Small-Town Comfort
Distance from Union Barn: Approximately 20 miles

Claysville, approximately 20 miles away, offers small-town comfort. Union Barn’s welcoming ambiance aligns seamlessly with the comforting feel of Claysville.

Cokeburg – Historic Nostalgia
Distance from Union Barn: Approximately 18 miles

Cokeburg, around 18 miles away, is steeped in historic nostalgia. Union Barn’s historic setting resonates with the nostalgic charm of Cokeburg.

Marianna – Quaint Charm
Distance from Union Barn: Approximately 25 miles

Marianna, approximately 25 miles away, exudes quaint charm. Union Barn’s quaint and charming ambiance complements the intimate feel of Marianna.

West Alexander – Countryside Sophistication
Distance from Union Barn: Approximately 30 miles

West Alexander, around 30 miles away, offers countryside sophistication. Union Barn’s elegant yet relaxed atmosphere aligns with the sophistication of West Alexander.

Dates are Filling Up Fast!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to host your unforgettable event at Union Barn Weddings and Events in New Kensington, PA. Our calendar is filling up quickly, and we want to ensure that you have the chance to secure your desired date.

a historic barn Built in 1849 & renovated in 2022

Inside Union Barn with a set wedding table for a reception

The Outdoor Amenities

inside Union Barns above balcony bride area

what's inside the barn

180-200 seating accomadations

Depending on table arrangements and layout. Union Barn provides staffing and security as needed. Union Barn tailors the staff and security for each function to help make your special day run smoothly.

Preferred Vendors List

The caterers and bartenders must be selected from our preferred vendors list below. You may also hire your own vendors, ie. DJ, photographer, etc. However they must be a business that has the proper insurance requirements and be approved by Union Barn.

Insurance Requirements

For all rentals at Union Barn LLC, you need to get special event insurance that includes Liquor Liability coverage.

12 Beautiful modern bathrooms

central air/heat.

Wi-fi enable throughout

Union Barn Package

* Still select dates available call for pricing.

We ask for a retainer of one third with the signed contract to hold your date.

Union Barn Package

* Now Booking

$8,000.00 & tax

We ask for a retainer of one third with the signed contract to hold your date.

No other hidden costs

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